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At Rambler Films, we have pooled the major personalities in international production services, offering a truly unique experience for your project in Colombia. We pride ourselves on clarity in communication from the onset of our interaction, using Wiredrive to facilitate project pitches and preproduction. Rambler has access to talent, state of the art equipment, SFX and the infrastructure that Colombia boasts- including studios, technicians, operators, and VFX services at a competitive pricepoint. You will find a one stop team with us at Rambler that will open the door to Colombia’s starkly diverse locations and faces. Colombia is strategically located at the northern tip of South America with convenient and easy flights from most major cities in the North America and Europe. Located on the equator, Colombia experiences no seasonal changes- offering 12 hours of daylight year round and climate distinctions based on altitude. It is the only country in South America to have an Atlantic and Pacific coastline, snow-capped mountains, rain forests, deserts, modern urban cities, and historic colonial centers. Colombia is a melting pot to many ethnic backgrounds. Our in-house casting department allows us to be able to provide video links and subtitled casting as to further créate a seamless experience while working with Rambler Films. As your production partner, we can accomodate any budget size from digital doc style projects and photo shoots to large TV Commercials, films, and live concerts Rambler Films is a proud representative of the Global Production Network, covering Colombia and now Ecuador! The Global Production Network (GPN) gives us the unique ability to provide cross continent solutions for your project with the top local service companies worldwide within the network. For further inquiries or budget requests, please contact us!

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Production Production Company Year Role
Soft Citizen Nabob 2014 Production Services
Bacardi PrettyBird 2014 Production Services
Beats RSA Films 2014 Production Services
Georgia (Coca Cola Co Japan) Engine Films 2015 Production Services
Tim Horton's Holiday Films 2015 Production Services
Emergenz The Mill 2015 Production Services
Apple Music Live Concert RSA Films/ BlackDog Films 2015 Production Services
Royal Bank of Canada Holiday Films 2015 Production Services
Smuggler AT&T 2016 Production Services
TOM'S VRSE- AT&T 2016 Production Services