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Nine Model & Casting Agency

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Ersébet krt. 23

Contact Number

T: +363 028 850 41


As a casting agency we represent actors, commercial faces and extras for hungarian film and TV productions and for advertisements. We offer a full range of services, so you can entrust us with all kind of casting tasks.

In the recent years we have continously built our professional relations and expanded the database of our agency. As a result of the continous castings, several characters are available by us and the list keeps expanding.

A segment of our database is available on our website, but this is far from the whole selection.Our basis has more than 10.000 members and is really versatile. Once you’ve got the idea, you will surely find the character you want.

You can even review the available faces by us for free. You can request for information materials for free to get our faces know.

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