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Find production companies, locations services, film equipment and camera rental companies, post production companies, film crew, and many more production services for your commercial, TV or film production in Japan, including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo.


Climate - Climate information for filming in Japan


Generally a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are cool and sunny in the south, getting colder further north with heavy snowfalls in Hokkaido and northwestern Honshu. Spring and autumn tend to be fairly mild and pleasant. Summer, between Jun-Sep ranges from warm to very hot. Rainfall is fairly evenly spread throughout the year, although between Jun- early Jul is the main rainy season. Typhoons are only likely to occur in Sep-Oct, rarely lasting more than a day


Lightweights in summer for most areas, light or medium weights for spring and autumn and heavier, warmer clothing for the winter months. Much warmer clothes will be needed in mountains all year round

Charts for Tokyo

Max Temp (Max Temp) 8912172224283026211611
Min Temp (Min Temp) -2-12812172122191361
Humidity am (Humidity am) 737175818589919291888377
Humidity pm (Humidity pm) 484853596268696668645851
Rainfall (Rainfall) 48741071351471651421522342089756