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Find production companies, locations services, film equipment and camera rental companies, post production companies, film crew, and many more production services for your commercial, TV or film production in Japan, including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo.


Health - Health guidance for filming in Japan


Reciprocal health: None.

Compulsory vaccinations: None.

Recommended immunisations: Tetanus, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis B & Tick-Borne Encephalitis.

Risks: High Altitude - Acute Mountain Sickness is potentially life-threatening and precautions should be taken when in areas of high altitude.
GENERAL INFO FOR ALL TRAVELLERS: Details listed can occasionally change at very short notice and it’s recommended that all travellers seek advice from their Practice Nurse, GP or Travel Clinic when planning a visit to Japan. It should be noted that some vaccinations and treatments may require one or more visits and should be planned well in advance of travel.
Primary courses and boosters should always be up to date as recommended for life in the UK. This should include vaccines given to special groups due to complications or risk exposure such as Hepatitis B for health care workers, influenza and pneumococcal vaccines for the elderly etc.