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Rua Dos Douradors 11
1st Floor
Room SL 102

Contact Number

T: +351 218 446 139/ 41
T: +351 916 609 720

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The headline summarizes the way we like to WORK FOR YOU!

Hot Spots is a small company that provides the best service for big productions.

Vita Lains has been in the production business for 25 years, making commercials, feature films, music videos, TV movies, photo shoots, documentaries, short films, entertainment… All together this has given her enough experience to keep her cool when everyone else is under stress.  It also makes you get the best answer for your requests and the best deal with suppliers, always providing you the best service at the lowest costs.

Hot Spots is well known in the market as the company with which everyone likes working, because we’re efficient even if the challenges are huge, we’re very professional and we love taking care of all details even the small ones and last but not least it’s very cool working with us because we love our job and we do it with a smile in our face!

That’s why working with Hot Spots is a guarantee that your crew will be efficient, professional and… very nice!

Furthermore, we love our city and our country and we know it better than no other & that’s why we always have the right answer for a location’s research request. Our pictures archive is massive and we love preparing a beautiful locations’ presentation for your projects.

The experience of shooting with Hot Spots also includes a deep care with non-working moments: accommodation, restaurants, shopping or whatever else you ask us, we’ll be there for you.

Feel free to contact us in English, French or Spanish and if you need to send a script or a treatment in Italian, we’re still able to understand your request.
Try us and confirm that HOT SPOTS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!




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