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Avernue Antonio Serpa 22

Contact Number

T: +351 932 370 265
T: +351 213 602 550
F: +351 213 602 551

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Name Job title Contact Direct line
Margarida Adónis Executive Producer +351 932 370 265


Ready to Shoot is a Service Production Company owned by Margarida Ad�nis. Working in production service since 2000, in 2006 she founded Ready to Shoot as a unique partner.
Today, with 14 years of excellence on the production service market, Margarida can proudly say that she has transformed Ready to Shoot into one of the leading production service companies in Portugal.
We have an amazing crew, composed of highly trained and experienced people, who will help you achieve your goals in deliver a first class service to clients.
Portugal is different in many ways from the US, North Europe or Middle East. It’s an hidden paradise destination to shoot in the South of Europe.
The major difference is the scale, but as we say, �good food comes in smaller plates�. We hold the most amazing locations, within a very short distance.
As a friend once said, Portugal, one of the most unique destinations that I have scouted. With its varied geographical, industrial, and social looks, I often times found myself lost in what area of the world I might be in.
A truly magical place with genuine kind hearted nationals all willing to share their country with me the visitor. James Lin, location scouter LMGA member

Ready to Shoot is a partner in the Production Service Network (PSN).

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish






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Production Type Year
Rexona Commercial 2013
Absolut Vodka Commercial 2013
Burger King Commercial 2013
Opel Astra Commercial 2013
Nivea Commercial 2013
Lexus Commercial 2012
TUI Commercial 2012
Jacobs Velvet Commercial 2012
Opel Cascada Commercial 2012
Coca Cola Zero Commercial 2012
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