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Rua Do Freixo 1071
Sala 9/18

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T: +351 225 104 507
T: +351 220 142 210

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Toolbox offers rent and servicing – staff and equipment. Namely: the best staff and the best equipment. We are gearheads, we admit it: technology fans, with a collection of high-end equipment (from high definition digital cameras to the most complex lighting and grip accessories. And, as true gearheads, we know how to boost this equipment’s potential to the limit.

But despite all this fixation with cold technology, we use it to capture the most vibrant and warm things. An example of this is our country: Portugal has the light, the architecture, the landscape – and we have the people with the sensitivity to see it.

Come film with us and enjoy the amazing landscapes and people, don’t let logistic concerns get in your way. With Toolbox your only concern is to choose the weapons, because if it shoots, we move it.

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