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7-9 Building 4
Palikha Street

Contact Number

T: +79 169 242 014

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Name Job title Contact Direct line
Artur Peters Send a message
Anna Sheremeta-Gridina CEO and Executive Producer Send a message
Stanislav Solovkin CEO and Executive Prodcer Send a message


Soar Productions helps produce overseas TV, documentary and commercial projects in Russia and most of the former Soviet nations.

Our goal is to take care of the routine to let you focus on the creative part.

We’ll scout locations, build budget and guide your crew through visa and customs issues. We’ll also hire a local crew, arrange transport and find the props and equipment you need.

Reality TV projects is our specialty. Our fixer credits include Conan O’Brien’s trip to Armenia, Top Gear’s piece in St. Petersburg and 14 episodes of The Amazing Race. But we love commercials just as much.

We are comfortable to work in every corner of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and more. Our producers speak articulate English. Contact us any time and take a look at our production blog.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Russian


Production Production Company Type Year Role
Destinations Truth (Season 4 ep 5) Syfy TV 2010 Local Producer
Ancient Aliens (Season 11 ep 12) History Channel TV 2016 Local Producer
Secret Eats with Adam Richman Travel Channel TV 2016 Local Producer
DNA Nation SBS Australia TV 2016 Local Producer
Crossroads 2000 Years on the Silk Road CCTV TV 2016 Local Producer
Dil Hai Hindustani auditions Star Plus India TV 2016 Local Producer
Chelsea (Season 1 ep 3) Netflix TV 2016 Local Producer
Conan in Armenia special TBS TV 2015 Local Producer
The Amazing Race 2008-2012 – 9 episodes CBS TV 2013 Facilitating Producer
Top Gear (Season 22, ep 1) BBC TV 2015 Local Producer
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