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30 Keerom Street
Cape Town

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T: +27 21 424 4971
F: +27 83 500 0123


Name Job title Contact Direct line
Alison Ellard Executive Producer Send a message +27 835 000 123
Chris McCann Producer Send a message +27 834 416 220
Leila Reinhard Send a message +27 828 929 006


We believe we handle film production service a bit differently at Wink. We invest in your vision right from the word, quote! We love a good challenge whether it's a dangerous stunt on a remote location or finding the perfect puppy for your pet food commercial. We take pride in offering our clients a personalised and hands-on service. And we make sure everything we do comes with a bit of fun and lots of integrity. Wink is the specialised service company in the Velocity Films Group. We look forward to hearing from you. Visit our website or drop us a line.

Languages Spoken

  • English


Production Production Company Role
Les Produits Laitiers Quad Prod Production Service Company
OB Frenzy Films Production Service Company
Chanel Allure Psycho Paris Production Service Company