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Erstagatan 9

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T: +46 707 890 065


Niklas Carlsund and his company have over 20 years of experience taking care of foreign media companies when they need great Swedish locations and highly capable local film and photo staff.

Niklas speaks fluent English and conversational Italian and German, which is always useful for clients when arranging photo shoots abroad.

Niklas has a Bachelor of Arts degree and worked previously as a guide, and not only has in-depth knowledge of the Swedish capital but also knowledge and contacts all around Sweden; Are, Gotland, the Swedish West Coast and the far North of Sweden. Thanks to his 20+ years in the film business he also has a wide network of contacts including electricians, production assistants, assistant directors, drivers and

Location Finder’s specialities are modern design villas in glass, concrete and steel, ordinary houses and large “turn of the century” villas and houses, often located in a near suburb so no one will disturb the shooting. 
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Production Type Year Role
Telia Commercial 2015 Location Scout
IKEA Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Online Casino Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Live Nation Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Benetton Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Danske Bank Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Liedl Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Dressman Commercial 2015 Location Scout
Renault Commercial 2015 Location Scout and Manager
Beijer Commercial 2014 and 2015 Location Scout/ Manager
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