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Skeppsbron 38
111 30

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T: +46 858 750 578


Since 2004 Strange Cargo offers full production service from budgeting through final execution.

Here you will find a selection of productions including commercials, music videos, digital billboards (DOOH), interactive film and stills, It will give you a good idea of what we do and the level of quality we always aim for.

We help clients all over the world with different levels of production such as agency producing which includes everything from supporting the creative process and help the adaptation process from print to film, budgeting, contracting and scheduling prep, shoot and post. We also fully produce other projects where we collaborate with art directors, directors and stills photographers.

Our constant goal is to find the best solution for each and every job and we’re committed to helping our clients with tailor made solutions made to fit their needs, goals, budget and schedule.

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