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Glossary - C

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Call Sheet A document featuring crucial production information, such as which actors are required for what scene
Callback A follow up audition or interview
Camera Operator

A role responsible for using the camera under instruction from the director, DoP or cinematographer

Candela A unit of light intensity
Cans Headphones
Casting Director The person responsible for choosing actors for a project
Cattle Call An open audition where anyone can turn up

Computer Generated Imagery - The application of the field of computer graphics to special effects

Chaperone Someone dedicated to look after a celebrity or child involved in a production

A term referring to a technique used in creating films that involves altering perspectives and angles to create a better composition for shots other than the original shot taken of a scene.  Frequently the method is employed to hide either props or actors not in the correct position.  Something can be cheated into a shot or out of a shot. 

Cherry Picker An elevated platform, often used to fix lights above sets when not in a studio
Chroma Key Inserting an image from one video source onto another
Cigarette Burn

(also known as cue dots) A visual indicator used with celluloid film prints, usually placed on the right-hand upper corner of a frame of the film. Cigarette Burn are also used as a visual form of signaling on television broadcasts. Made famous in Fight Club (1999).



A role working closely with the director to ensure everything in the frame looks its best. They are in charge of the camera and lighting crews - Also known as the DoP, Director of Photography

Clapper Loader

(sometimes known as Second Assistant Camera -2nd AC)  Their main functions are loading the raw film stock into camera and operating the clapperboard (slate) at the beginning of each take

Clapperboard A board with information about a shot used to synchronise picture and sound
Cliffhanger When a series or episode has an ending which leaves the audience in suspense
Clip Show A programme consisting of short segments of archive, either old or new
Close Up

Detailed view of a person or object

Colour Bars A test signal using samples of primary and secondary colours
Colour Grading

Grading - The altering and enhancing of the colour of a shot or scene to define a specific sensory experience

Colourist A post-production role responsible for changing the colour and tone of a shot (s)
Commission When a broadcaster gives the go-ahead for a programme to be made
Commissioning Director

A commissioning director is essentially a buyer. It is the job of the commissioning director to advise a network on which pieces of content to exhibit..

Composition How the elements of an image are arranged
Computer Generated Imagery

The application of the field of computer graphics to create special effects

Concept An outline in writing about the key ideas / vision of a production
Continuity An outline in writing about the key ideas / vision of a production
Continuity Editing The common style of editing for film and TV whereby everything flows in a consistent manner
Control Room A facility containing audio and video controls
Copyright The ownership of a piece of intellectual property, such as the soundtrack of a film or screenplay
Covert Camera Show Hidden camera programme
Crane A piece of equipment that raises a camera from a height
Crane Shot A shot where the camera rises from the ground by mechanical support
Crawl Usually the end credits but in recent films also occurs at beginning of the film
Crossfade An editing effect to make video or sound appear as another disappears
Crossing The Line When cameras cross an imaginary 180 degree line which causes confusing discontinuity to the viewer
Crowdfunding A method of film funding from the public
Crowdsourcing Film fundraising via specialised websites and social media

Close Up - Catching a detailed view of a person or object on camera

Cue A command to trigger the action of something
Cue Card A card with words or sections of script to help prompt an actor or presenter
Cut A rapid change from one shot to another
Cutaway A separate shot or scene from the main subject
Cutting Room

A room in a film studio where film is cut and edited.

Cyber Punk

A genre in near-future settings. Featuring advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order, as seen in The Matrix (1999)