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Glossary - N

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Is any connected events, presented to the audience.

Narrowcast The transmission or distribution of a programme to a specialist audience
Negative Cutting Part of post-production, the process involves physically cutting the film to match the editor’s requirements before splicing it together again
New Deal What the director says to instruct the crew to set up the next scene
Noddy Shots When an interviewee nods or makes other gestures to show they are hearing the question
Non-Diegetic Sound A sound effect which is not seen on screen, such as incidental music or off-camera narration. Also known as extra-diegetic sound
Nose Room The distance between the edge of the frame and the actors, measured in the direction the actor is looking. Also known as look room

National Television System Committee, is the analog television system that was used in most of the Americas and parts of southeast Asia.