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Glossary - R

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Rack Focus Changing the focus of the lens during a shot. Also referred to as Pull Focus
Raw Footage The entire unedited footage
Reaction Shot A cutaway of someone’s reaction
Real Time When the events of a film or TV show are portrayed at the same rate as the audience watch it (e.g 24) so, every minute on screen lasts an actual minute for those watching it
Reconstruction Recreating an actual event using actors
Redhead Also known as a Mickey; an open faced 1k lighting unit
Release The general distribution of a film to the public
Release Form A document giving producers the right to use a person’s image/performance/interview in a production and related marketing activities thereof
Render The action in an editing programme which mixes all edits together to produce the final video
Researcher A role responsible for finding information or people in order to help make a film or television project
Resolution The number of pixels in an image
Reverse Angle Shot A shot viewing the action from a 180 degree angle from the opposite side of the previous shot

Red, green and blue, used to indicate the colour palette used for video applications

Rigger Someone who assembles or installs the supporting material for a set or studio (such as scaffolding or cables to hang lighting equipment with rights e.g. for a piece of music
Road Movie The genre whereby a journey in a film or TV programme takes place mainly on the road (e.g. Thelma & Louise)
Rostrum Camera A specially mounted camera to capture a still object or picture
Rough Cut An early stage version of an edited project
Rule Of Thirds A rule whereby a shot is divided into nine sections to help frame a subject
Run And Gun Filming An American phrase referring to shooting and moving quickly in the Guerrilla style
Runner A supporting role on a production involving a variety of tasks, from making tea to general admin
Rushes The complete amount of unedited footage