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Glossary - T

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Take The footage taken from the point of record to cut
Talent People who appear on screen, such as actors or presenters. Also referred to as On-screen Talent
Talking Heads People talking on camera, frequently used in documentaries
Tally Light A small light fixed red light on a camera during recording
Telecine The process of transferring actual film to video
Telephoto Lens A telescopic lens where the objects are magnified at a great distance

Autocue - A tool that scrolls the script for presenters to read. Also called a teleprompter

Tentpole A film predicted to make a lot of money in a short space of time
Three Shot A shot featuring three people
THX A sound system developed by George Lucas' company, Lucasfilm
Tilt An up or down camera movement while the camera is on a fixed position
Time Code The coded signal on video or audio that assigns corresponding hours, minutes etc
Time Lapse Compressed events played out in a short amount of time
Timeline An edited sequence displayed chronologically in a non-linear editing system.
Title Role Refers to the role of the actor
Titles Text on screen at the beginning or end of a screening
Tracking Shot A shot created by the camera physically moving on a track
Trailer A series of clips cut together to promote a film
Transcription The process of converting audio into a written document
Treatment An abridged script, generally longer and more detailed than a one-page synopsis
Tripod A three-legged piece of equipment used to steady a camera
Tungsten A type of lighting that gives off an orange effect
Two Shot Encompassing two people in the same shot (they don’t need to be next to one another)
Two-Hander A film or TV project featuring two characters