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Italian producers upset over new prop regulations

Italian producers are protesting the introduction of new regulations geared towards the use of prop firearms on movie sets.

The new mandates are causing local film and TV productions to cease shooting, causing pandemonium for scheduling and budgets, and furthermore could produce a huge issue for the Italian-based segment of Bond 24. The producers are presuming that they will shoot in Rome in January 2015. If these new measures are not lifted, it is unclear what steps Bond producers, Eon Productions, will take.

Italian companies that provide prop guns and weapons to film and TV productions have had to stop working on the sets of ongoing productions with the fear that they risk being fined or possibly even arrested. The rules highlight new specifications on how real firearms and other weaponry must be handled and altered in order to be licenced for use on film sets throughout Italy.

ANICA, Italy’s motion picture association, mentioned that it was currently a very complicated situation as the measures which went into effect last week, if not voided, will undoubtedly cause major economic losses for the industry if they are continued.