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"We want to see Europe as one territory, we want to cross borders"

At a recent industry event in London, England, KFTV spoke exclusively to Agnieszka Moody, director of Creative Europe UK, regarding her opinions on their seven-year €1.46bn funding programme for the cultural and creative sectors, and film production throughout Europe.

      The Bridge

“I would like to think of it as an opportunity, that a production that comes to Creative Europe has to think about their project as being geared towards a market larger than the UK alone.

“If you want to make projects for just the UK audience, this funding is not for you. We want to see Europe as one territory, we want to cross borders. That’s what we can help with.”

The fund - which most people don’t know has financed a plethora of well renowned productions including The Bridge, Jamaica Inn, The Killing (pictured) and The Returned - is working to catapult productions into a variety of European markets.

Moody pinpointed that the main focus was in the setup: “Filmmakers could make it as a British series and still the story can be international, but they can also bring resources from several broadcasters from a multitude of countries, causing bigger production values, international casts, lots of re-versioning and then we have one big project to show for.” 

The main focus for the fund is the distribution of programming rather than production, as most people still don’t know about the fund with it being a revelation to the vast majority at the forum. All Creative Europe ask for in return is a logo in the end credits. Not a bad deal.


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