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Czech Republic issues first sumission call for incentives scheme

The Czech State Fund of Cinematography has issued a call for submissions for registration into the incentives programme, which this year will have a disposable budget of CZK 500m.

The Czech Republic has a cash rebate available for producers. There is no cap on the amount of grant per project, but eligible spend may not exceed 80% of a production’s total budget.

Public support and state aid can provide up to 50% of the project´s total budget, up to 60% for co-production with members of the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-productions, and up to 90% for culturally demanding cinematographic works. Rebates are issued at the end of production upon submission of audited statements of costs incurred and paid out in the form of cash grants.

This first registration period for projects will be open until 30 January. Applications for films or television series will not be considered complete unless they contain a completed cultural test, synopsis of the film/series and a Czech version of the script. The applications must be submitted through a Czech production partner.

More information on minimum spend for projects and other details can be found within our Czech production guide. The Czech Film Commission can advise on individual projects and answer any specific questions.

On 16 February, the successful applicants will be issued a Registration Certificate and have three months to apply for the rebate. All applications received within the first week will be considered as ‘simultaneously received’ and have priority. Submissions received later will be dealt with in chronological order.

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