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Shah Rukh Khan heads to Dubrovnik & London to film Fan

Indian film actor, producer and television personality Shah Rukh Khan is now in Dubrovnik filming his latest feature, Fan.


The Indian drama sees Khan, who has been described as having the largest fan following globally in real life, playing both a huge superstar and an obsessed superfan. The director is Maneesh Sharma, working from a screenplay by Habib Faisal. Aditya Chopra produces.

The feature started shooting last autumn in Mumbai and is now a few days into a nine-day shoot in Croatia before heading to London in late March.

Boris Dmitrović of Zagreb production service company Formula Film said of the shoot: “The filming will take place in the old city of Dubrovnik, where scenes of Dubrovnik’s streets - including Stradun and Peskarija - will be portrayed… We are proud to say that Dubrovnik will not double for another city, but will be depicted as itself.”

Speaking about the reasons to shoot in Croatia, executive producer Aashish Singh of Yash Raj Films said: “Croatia is an untapped beautiful location and the creative team loved the look and feel of Dubrovnik. We did a lot of research on cities in Europe that have not been seen in a lot of Indian films and then shortlisted a few before taking a final decision of shooting in Dubrovnik.”

The tax incentive also played a major part in the decision. “You may be aware that the Indian rupee is not very strong against the currencies in Europe so we prefer locations where we can get an incentive to offset our costs”, Singh said. “Also having a filming incentive sends a signal to the producers that the country/state is serious about filmmaking and will cooperate to make the filming easy and successful.”

It is estimated that Yash Raj Films will spend around €1.1m in Croatia of which approximately €200,000 will handed back as a rebate.

Fan is certainly an international production, with crew from countries as diverse as Canada, South Korea, America and Croatia itself. Around 600 local extras will be used during the Croatian part of the shoot.

For the total of 9 days of filming in Croatia, Yash Raj Filmsis projected to spend 1,1 million EUR (8,6 million HRK), and will get back approximately 200.000 EUR (1,7 million HRK) through Croatia filming incentives.

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