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Media Production Show to look at airport filming

Media Production Show in LondonThe Media Production Show, a free industry event to be hosted by KFTV’s publisher MBI in London on 9 and 10 June 2016, will include a discussion on the challenges of filming on location in airports.

The Media Production Show panel talk will look at documentary series Britain’s Busiest Airport, which goes behind the scenes at Heathrow in London, and is about to launch its second series in the UK. 

Tom Wardle of production company RAW TV Ltd will be joined on the panel by producer Tom Swingler and Heathrow’s filming manager Rachel Betts, with questions from Robin Parker of Broadcast Magazine. 

Airport filming is a challenge around the world, for film production as well as for television. Scenes set in commercial aircraft are often filmed on purpose-built sets, but features do sometimes shoot in airport terminals themselves. Security is a constant concern and everyday airport operations are always the priority for authorities. 

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (pictured below) filmed a key superhero showdown set piece at Leipzig Airport in eastern Germany. The airport had already hosted high-profile film shoots, including Liam Neeson’s 2011 action thriller Unknown and Jodie Foster’s 2005 mystery drama Flightplan. 

“The greatest challenge involved not obstructing our passengers and guests, and especially not the air traffic,” said Uwe Schuhart, a spokesperson for Leipzig Airport, of the Captain America shoot, in comments to KFTV. “Many of the film’s scenes meant that individual parts of buildings and traffic areas had to be cordoned off separately – but we were not allowed to impact everyday business in a negative way.

“The other challenge arose because of the size of the film team. We needed clear structures and a restriction on the number of team members working in the high-security area.”

Captain America Civil War at Leipzig Airport

Nicholas Hoult’s 2013 zombie romance Warm Bodies spent six weeks filming at Aéroports de Montréal in Quebec, Canada, in an area that was already closed to the public. The film features a terminal building and runway plagued by the undead, as well as a plane which is the improvised home of the story’s main character.

“Co-ordinators from Aéroports de Montréal were hired for this shoot specifically to guide the team all the time during filming and help them with any on-site requests or questions,” airport spokeswoman Marie-Claude Desgagnés told KFTV.

“At Montréal-Trudeau (the main terminal) you face more challenges because the airport is in operation and your objective is not to interfere with the activities of passengers.”

The Media Production Show’s panel discussion Behind the Scenes of Britain’s Busiest Airport will focus on the challenges of documentary filmmaking in such a uniquely challenging environment where the passengers and staff are the focus of the content. 

To find out more about The Media Production Show and to register for your free entry badge click here.

Captain America Civil War image: Zade Rosenthal / Marvel Studios



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