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Location Managers Guild honours film and TV

La La Land

The 4th Annual Location Managers Guild Awards took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, with TV drama The Crown and Oscar-winning movie La La Land among those recognised by the organisation.

La La Land’s locations team (Robert Foulkes and Steve Beimler) was recognised for Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Film.

The movie filmed entirely in Los Angeles – an unusual move these days for a high-profile feature – and included an elaborate, single-shot opening dance number that was filmed on one of the city’s freeways.

“Overall, with enough planning and a positive attitude, filming can and does run very smoothly throughout Los Angeles – well-oiled filming machine that it is,” Foulkes previously told KFTV.  

The locations team for Netflix drama The Crown (Pat Karam and Robert Bentley) and HBO’s Westworld (Mandi Dillin) were jointly recognised for their use of locations in a period TV series. Westworld was filmed largely in California, while The Crown shot – and continues to shoot – in the UK.

“The variety and amount of locations was one of the main challenges in terms of organising the filming schedule,” Pat Karam told KFTV about The Crown's shoot. “It’s a TV production that operates on the scale of a big movie with multiple full-size units working at any one time.”

Westworld’s California production was made possible by the state’s boosted filming incentive programme, which now focuses on supporting TV shoots.

The Night Manager“Lucky for us, LA is surrounded by national forests, cattle ranches and both former and current agricultural zones so we had quite a lot of real estate to choose from,” said Mandi Dillin in an earlier interview with KFTV about the Westworld filming locations.

The Night Manager’s locations team (Tom Howard and Daniel Sampedro Palerm) was recognised for work on a contemporary TV series.

Location filming took place primarily in Morocco and on Majorca, with 17th century fort La Fortaleza – now a luxurious private home – on the Spanish island standing in for the secluded main residence of the story’s villainous arms dealer Richard Roper, played by Hugh Laurie (pictured).

“We needed locations that had an Arabic or Mediterranean feel and we had to find them very quickly,” Tom Howard told KFTV. “We looked at places in France and Spain, but then found La Fortaleza on Majorca, which at the time was available for filming.” 

Other winners included the 1960s-set Hidden Figures, which filmed in and around Atlanta and was recognised for locations used in a period feature. The Royal Film Commission Jordan was awarded for its work supporting scenes for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

La La Land image: Dale Robinette. The Night Manager image: Mitch Jenkins/AMC/BBC


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