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Kodak to set up new film lab at Pinewood Studios

KodakFilm stock manufacturer Kodak has made a deal to set up a new processing lab at Pinewood Studios outside London to support the use of physical film.

Kodak has signed a five-year lease on part of Pinewood’s Ken Adam Building and Pinewood will also work with the company on promotional and co-branding activities.

“We are keen to support the infrastructure for physical film for those directors and cinematographers who prefer this format,” said Nigel Bennett, director of creative services for Pinewood Group.

“Teaming up with Kodak to offer this enhances the growing portfolio of services Pinewood is now able to offer in the content and post-production arenas.”

Kodak has faced big challenges adapting to the digital age but has had strong and vocal support over the past couple of years from high-profile directors like Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino and JJ Abrams, who prefer to shoot on film. 

The company recently acquired a film processing lab in Atlanta, Georgia, and has also built a new facility in New York.



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