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KFTV offers a large database of production services and crew, including Location & Location Services in Italy. If you can't find what you are looking for, our directory also contains many other locations and location services across in Italy.

Location & Location Services in Italy

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Recalcati Multimedia Showreel Pictures

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Cinenane Group Srl

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Schmid Productions

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The Box Films srl

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The Family srl Showreel Pictures

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European Film Communication (EFC)

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Kevin Granahan Television Production

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Backstage Service s.r.l.

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Panorama Films Srl

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Cinecittà Studios Spa

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A Bruno Production Management   Rome, 00191, Italy

Apulia Film Commission   Bari, 70132, Italy

Armonica Film   Italy

BLS Business Location Südtirol Alto Adige AG   Bolzano, 39100, Italy

Buddy Film   Milan, 20121, Italy

Capri Location Service   Capri, Italy

Ecoframes   Tuscany, 50124, Italy

Film Commission Regione Campania   Naples, 80134, Italy

Film Commission Torino Piemonte   Turin, 10153, Italy

Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste   Turin, 11100, Italy

FIP - Film Investimenti Piemonte   Turin, 10153, Italy

Fondazione Sistema Toscana   Florence, 50129, Italy

Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission   Trieste, 34132, Italy

Genova-Liguria Film Commission   Cornigliano, 16152, Italy

Italian Film Commissions   Florence, Italy

Italian Riviera Alpi Del Mare Film Commission   Cisano Sul Neva, 17035, Italy

Italy Photo Production   Rome, Italy

Italy Productions   Florence, 50121, Italy

Lombardia Film Commission   Milan, 20136, Italy

Lucia Galderisi   Salerno, Italy

Lupettas & Belowtheline srl   Milan, 20122, Italy

Marmolada Production   Venice, 32020, Italy

Messina Film Commission   Messina, Italy

Not So Bed   Rome, 00152, Italy

Overland Network   Milan, 20151, Italy

Ringaround Production   Milan, 20127, Italy

Roma Lazio Film Commission   Rome, 00173, Italy

Sardinia Film Commission   Cagliari, 09123, Italy

SEGRO   Italy

Solmarino   Venice, 30133, Italy

TorinoFilmLab   Turin, 10153, Italy

Toscana Film Commission   Florence, 50129, Italy

Toscana Productions   Florence, 50121, Italy

Trentino Film Commission   Trento, 38122, Italy

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