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KFTV offers a large database of production services and crew, including Production Companies in Bulgaria. If you can't find what you are looking for, our directory also contains many other production companies located across Bulgaria.

Production Companies in Bulgaria

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Crystal Ball Productions Ltd

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Solent Film

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Dream Team

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Evropa Films Showreel Pictures

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Push Pull Production Showreel Pictures

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MiS * Made in Sofia

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Chouchkov Brothers   Sofia, 1504, Bulgaria

Creative Studio BG   Sofia, 1700, Bulgaria

Dynamic Arts   Sofia, Bulgaria

Film Fixer Bulgaria   Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

Filmmaker   Sofia, 1404, Bulgaria

Fixers in Bulgaria   Sofia, Bulgaria

Forward Pictures   Sofia, Bulgaria

Hidalgo Productions   Sofia, 1408, Bulgaria

Indiepaint   Sofia, 1799, Bulgaria

Jabalaka Ltd   Plovdiv, 4000, Bulgaria

Junk Brothers   Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

Kazak   Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

Little Big Films   Sofia, 1113, Bulgaria

MacIver Productions   Sofia, 1618, Bulgaria

MatchPoint Productions   Sofia, 1000, Bulgaria

Mono Collective   Sofia, 1142, Bulgaria

Overon   Sofia, Bulgaria

Pink Sheep Think   Sofia, 1612, Bulgaria

PREMIERstudio   Sofia, 1606, Bulgaria

Revo Films   Sofia, 1463, Bulgaria

Screen Brothers Production   Sofia, 1404, Bulgaria

SOFILM   Sofia, 1124, Bulgaria

UFO Film and Television Center   Sofia, 1517, Bulgaria

UFO Film and Television Center   Sofia, 1517, Bulgaria

Xec   Sofia, 1303, Bulgaria

Zographic films   Sofia, 1124, Bulgaria

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