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KFTV offers a large database of production services and crew, including Production Companies in Greece. If you can't find what you are looking for, our directory also contains many other production companies located across Greece.

Production Companies in Greece

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Foss Productions Showreel Pictures

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ABL   Athens, 15124, Greece

Anemon   Athens, 10674, Greece

Animate This   Thessaloniki, Greece

Argonauts Productions SA   Athens, 10682, Greece

Artcut   Thessaloniki, 54630, Greece

Athens Central Film Productions   Athens, 15232, Greece

Avion Films   Athens, 14122, Greece

Black Orange Productions S.A.   Athens, 10682, Greece

Boo Productions   Athens, 15124, Greece

Crete Film   Chania, 73007, Greece

Feel Me Productions   Athens, 15231, Greece

Feelgood Entertainment S.A.   Athens, 11524, Greece

FeelMe Productions   Athens, 15231, Greece

Film Greece   Greece

Filmiki   Chalandri, 152 33, Greece

Filmografik Productions   Thessaloniki, 55236, Greece

Greece Filming   Thessalonika, 54646, Greece

Green Olive Films   Athens, 16674, Greece

Haos Film   Athens, 105 60, Greece

Highway Productions   Athens, 105 57, Greece

Honeybee Audiovisual   Athens, 117 42, Greece

Indigo View   Chania, 73100, Greece

Inkas Film Productions   Athens, 152 34, Greece

Irigeneia ProudActions   Santorini Island, 84700, Greece

Ithaca Film Productions   Athens, 15233, Greece

Locccations   Mykonos, 84600, Greece

Magikon   Athens, 15125, Greece

Make a Movie in Greece   Athens, 10678, Greece

Mixer Productions   Athens, 151 25, Greece

MovieLab   Athens, 15125, Greece

Neaniko Plano   Athens, 11252, Greece

N-Orasis   Thessalonika, 54646, Greece

Pan Entertainment SA   Attica, 15233, Greece

Production House   Athens, 11635, Greece

Queen of Spade (production services)   Athens, Greece

Sandra Petsaridis   Athens, Greece

Satellite Productions   Athens, Greece

Spentzos Films S.A.   Athens, 10678, Greece

Spirto   Athens, Greece

StudioBauhaus   Athens, Greece

The Art Factory S.A   Chalandri, Greece

The Filmians   Athens, 15343, Greece

TopCut-Modiano   Athens, 15232, Greece

X-Rated Films   Athens, 15233, Greece

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