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KFTV offers a large database of production services and crew, including SFX, Props & Wardrobe in Ontario, Canada. If you can't find what you are looking for, our directory also contains many other production companies located across Canada.

SFX, Props & Wardrobe in Canada

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3 Cubes Studio   Montreal, H4P 2R9, Quebec, Canada

A Jordan Creation Ltd   Vancouver, V5N 4K7, British Columbia, Canada

Aquamedias   Quebec, Quebec, Canada

Artifex Animation Studios   Montreal, H2S 2M7, Quebec, Canada

Basic Black Design Inc   Calgary, T3M 1K4, Alberta, Canada

Bilodeau Par Nature 3M   Quebec, G8M 4H9, Quebec, Canada

Candy's Costume Shop   Toronto, M4S 2N2, Ontario, Canada

Derek Wentworth   Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Digital Canaries   Hamilton, L8L 6N4, Ontario, Canada

Digital District   Montreal, H2T 2A4, Quebec, Canada

Encore   Vancouver, V5Y 1B3, British Columbia, Canada

Encore VFX / Deluxe Entertainment   Toronto, M5V 3H5, Ontario, Canada

Examples ReproGraphX   Lachine, H8R 1P5, Quebec, Canada

Frog Feet Productions   Toronto, M4M 2G5, Ontario, Canada

Imagineit-3d   Mississauga, L5T 1E2, Ontario, Canada

Intelligent Creatures Inc   Toronto, M5A 1V1, Ontario, Canada

Intrigue FX   Quebec, H3P 2H4, Quebec, Canada

Leslie Kavanagh   Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Location Snap Shots   Quebec, J0S 1V0, Quebec, Canada

Malabar LTD   Toronto, M5T1V6, Ontario, Canada

MDG Fog Generators   Montreal, H1H 3R2, Quebec, Canada

MDG FOG UK   Montreal, H1H 3R2, Quebec, Canada

Mike Efford Motion Design   Toronto, M6S 4M5, Ontario, Canada

Oblique FX   Montreal, H3A 1T1, Quebec, Canada

Raynault VFX   Montreal, H2T 1R8, Quebec, Canada

Reel Insects   Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Seamless Costumes   Toronto, M5S 2R6, Ontario, Canada

Story City   Toronto, M6K 1Z8, Ontario, Canada

Switch VFX   Toronto, M6K 3J8, Ontario, Canada

Toon Boom Animation   Montreal, H2W 2R2, Quebec, Canada

TorontoProps   Toronto, M6J 2J4, Ontario, Canada

Vancouver Film School   Vancouver, V6B 1H2, British Columbia, Canada

Vintage Props   Toronto, M6E 3A3, Ontario, Canada

Vista Pyrotechnics   Ancaster, L0R 1T0, Ontario, Canada

Zarbie Studio   Montreal, J7C 5Z1, Quebec, Canada

Zeel Design   Quebec, J0H 1W0, Quebec, Canada

Zen Images Inc   Montreal, J4J 2W5, Quebec, Canada

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