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Top five scary movie trailers

scary trailersAs it's Halloween we thought it would only be right to do something spooky for your viewing pleasure and share our top five scariest film trailers of all time. So turn up the volume, dim the lights, and get ready to be scared witless.

We should warn you though: some of these trailers are genuinely terrifying, so if you are of a nervous disposition, look away now.

5. The Shining (dir: Stanley Kubrick, 1980)

I’d take the stairs if I were you…

4. Hellraiser (dir: Clive Barker, 1987)

A truly scary (and gory) film. The trailer does it justice…

3. An American Werewolf in London (dir: John Landis, 1981)

Take an alternate route tonight if you’re planning on walking through the woods…

2. Alien (dir: Ridley Scott, 1979)

Watching this in the office we could hear everyone scream…

1. The Exorcist (dir: William Friedkin, 1973)

The flash of the devil in this film scared us witless. He makes several appearances here in this original, rare - and banned by the execs - trailer. You have been warned…

Have we missed any trailers that scare you? Then we’d love to hear about them via our Facebook page.

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