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The Tenerife Film Commission - A Conversation

Tenerife film shootWith over fifteen years of experience, Ana Lima, film coordinator for the Tenerife Film Commission, tells KFTV what a typical day looks like for her.

Office work? Most of it. Boring? Not at all. It’s anything but predictable.

We start early in the morning, by 8 o’clock I’m sitting at my desk with a steaming cup of coffee and I start going through my emails. On a typical day there’ll be queries from production companies from different parts of the world; we’re increasingly getting requests from the U.S. which is great to see. They generally want information on all sorts of filming issues, from location types to permit requests and tax incentives, crew and equipment available on the island…the lot. 

I’ll always answer queries straight away except for those requesting locations: these take a thoughtful selection of pictures from our image bank. I should say though that this situation is ideal; normally, before I’ve actually gone through the mail, the phone has already started buzzing.

If I have the chance and my boss is available, I try to discuss whatever issues we’re dealing with at that time: a meeting to present tax incentives to local investors, a visit to one of the local production companies, it can be anything.

A good working relationship with local production companies is key to our existence; they co-operate with us and help us make sure visiting productions get world-class service - our range of activities is quite wide.

Before I notice, it’s midday and I’m in dire need of a snack to recharge my batteries. So after a very short break I get back to my computer and start working on the more long-term projects which range from organising trips to updating our website and social media channels. I also go over our advertising campaigns, prepare statistics and on very rare occasions I’m lucky enough to go over these without the phone ringing.

At 3.30pm I turn my computer off and head out of the office. However, most days I’ll take my phone with me as there’s often a call from a production waiting that cannot wait until the next day…


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