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Event of the Week: NY's Tribeca film festival

The annual Tribeca Film Festival (running until 28 April) has kicked off in New York this week, presenting the audience with a slate of amazing feature films and documentaries as well as many a network opportunity and educational event.

There's a lot to take in. If you didn't (or couldn’t) fork out the cash for a full festival pass, you can still enjoy the event through single ticket purchases and free screenings.

The opening film of the festival is Tom Berninger’s self-proclaimed mockumentary, Mistaken for Strangers. Tom is the brother of The National’s frontman Matt and his film gives us a whole new profile of this amazing band.

There is also a series of director talks planned for the nearly two week-long event. Speakers include director Jay Roach, who will be in conversation with Ben Stiller, and Clint Eastwood who will sit down for a chat with Academy Award-nominee Darren Aronofsky.

Furthermore, you can catch actor Matthew Modine, Philadelphia screenwriter Ron Nyswaner, and How to Survive a Plague filmmaker David France who will discuss the film And The Band Played On, which is being screened at the festival to honour its twentieth anniversary. The panel will explore how the AIDS crisis has activated a cross section of storytelling amongst scientists, artists and politicians (this is a free event).

And there’s loads more - for a full look at what the festival is offering this year head to the Tribeca website and also check out the official blog with interesting daily updates and overviews.

If networking isn’t your strongest point (it should be as a professional working in the film business!) then do take a look at our guide full of festival networking tips.


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