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What does Cannes stand for?

With a star studded super jury (Nicole Kidman, Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee - to name a few) and glitzy Hollywood premieres (The Great Gatsby), attendees in Cannes are in for a treat. But amid all the glamour, Cannes is renowned for its business potential and the money involved can be serious.

With 12 days of jam-packed activity, where do you start? KFTV's Nia Daniels took a closer look at Cannes and dissected its dos and don’ts letter by letter.

C is for La Croisette. Running the length of the Cannes coastline, and the main site for the festival itself, this place is impossible to miss. It is heaving with swanky bars, restaurants and hotels, including the world famous Carlton. Without a doubt, La Croisette is the place to be seen.
A is for attitude. As with all film markets it is key to be positive. Nobody can sell you or your film as well as you can and if you've made it as far as Cannes then surely somebody already believes in you. You should be confident, stay confident and ooze confidence (not to be mistaken with being cocky though!). And, as knowing the right people is crucial, don't forget to say Oui to any invitations that come your way.
N is for networking. This is the reason most people come to Cannes, to buy, sell and promote themselves or their work. Make sure you carry enough business cards with you, go to the right parties and general festival hangouts (do a little research amongst your peers and veteran Cannes goers before you set off) plus follow our top 10 tips for networking at film festivals - you can't go wrong with this.
N is for new ideas. Find a shiny new way to get your film talked about. Be original and inventive. This is one of the busiest film festivals in the world, so you have to stand out from the Clooneys and the Weinsteins. If you feel this is a step too far then remember who you are - a creative; originality is your middle name.
E is for extravagance. It’s Cannes, there are no halves. Bring your big sunnies, and, even if it rains - just ignore the downpour. Practice your mid-air kiss and make sure your shoes are polished. Think big, think better. There is a reason you are there and this is a chance to better your career.
S is for sleep. For the next ten days, don’t even think about it…


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