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There is life after Cannes

After highs come lows. And so, as we are nearing the end of Cannes 2013, we’d like to comfort you with the knowledge that this is not the end but merely the beginning – here's an overview of some film festivals now open for submissions.

First up we have the Dublin Film Festival in Ireland. The 11 day long festival, which takes place next February, is accepting feature films and documentaries of 60 minutes or over. Entry fees are very reasonable - depending on date of entry (between €20 and €50). Earlier this year the festival welcomed the actors Danny DeVito, Tim Roth and James D’Arcy; directing powerhouses Costa-Gavras and Joss Whedon; as well as top professionals in the field of screenwriting, casting and producing. Aside from screenings the event hosts an abundance of master classes and talks aimed at filmmakers and crew.

If you fancy something a bit more established then why not enter your film into the 51st New York Film Festival, which runs from late September until mid-October. Founded in the early 60s it is the second oldest festival in North America. Currently accepting submissions, the festival hosts a mix of feature films, documentaries and shorts and the last date for entries is 13 July.

It is a first for the annual Flagler Film Festival in Palm Coast, Florida, which will be taking place next January. The festival is looking to showcase emerging, new filmmakers of all genres, features and shorts. So, if you have an innovative, low budget, micro-budget or even a no budget film then this is the place to send it to. The festival organisers point out that student films will be given special consideration. As far as locations go though, an artistic community surrounded by beautiful beaches, we give it a big stamp of approval. To find out more click here.

And in the meantime, why not check out the third edition of the Uranium Film Festival (yes it exists) when you are near Rio de Janeiro? The festival, which aims to “enhance public awareness of new productions of independent documentaries and movies about the nuclear fuel chain and radioactive issues”, which currently runs until Sunday 26 May.

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