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Filming underground: 5 amazing metros

The Taking Of Pelham 123The sliding doors of the train, footsteps on the platform, announcements in the background, a suitcase exchanged - it can be eerily quiet, grimy and dark, or bustling with people.

Whether you call it the tube, metro, underground or subway, filming deep down under the lively streets of a city can add another dimension to your film. Here are KFTV’s top five amazing metro systems in the world.

New York UndergroundNew York’s subway

Denzel Washington was the third person to save the Pelham 123 and with it averted a disaster that probably would have struck New York’s subway off the locations list. As it is though, the Big Apple’s grungy-looking subway is alive and kicking. With the revival of 80s cool we think it is the set of the season.



Berlin U BahnBerlin’s U-Bahn

Think big brown moustaches, tinted glasses and long beige coats. If you’re looking for that slightly swanky late 70s feel then Berlin’s U-Bahn is where you want to be at. As one of the trendiest cities in the world, Germany’s capital offers great sets, not just above, but also underground.




Paris metroParis’ metro

Ah Paris. What can we say about you? The city of love can be dark and lonely or provide that spark we all need to feel from time to time. Fairly modern stations which have an unlaboured feel to them are scattered in the many arrondissements. To get inspiration watch The Tourist with Angelina Jolie, which filmed on location at the Quatre-Septembre station.



London’s underground

Remember that amazing Skyfall scene in the London Underground where the train literally flies through the tunnels? Or how about Gwyneth Paltrow’s split decision to jump on the train in Sliding Doors?

London’s underground system, its many amazing looking stations vary in style from old Victorian to slick and modern, and have (understandably) served as the background for many a film.


Moscow MetroMoscow’s metro

Moscow’s stations are oozing class and splendour. The place is rich with legend, both fictional as well as truly historical. In which category the alleged secret lines from the Kremlin or the giant cockroaches which roam the tunnels at night are classified, we leave up to you to decide. Newer stations are more modern but grand nonetheless. Your only concern here is your film might get upstaged by its fabulous setting.

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