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Unusual filming locations in Israel

Israel is home to a varied range of filming locations, from beaches and deserts to villas and historic monuments. Location manager Idan Bardach knows the country pretty well, having scoured it for various projects from film and TV productions to commercials and stills shoots. 

Here he outlines for KFTV his three favourite unusual locations:

 White City Square1) White City Square

The location is a hill-top mounted sculpture by Israeli sculptor Dany Caravan. It consists of a collection of geometric shapes, built as a pyramid. The extraordinary sculpture has a half-ball cut in the middle, a cubical staircase and a 20 meter tower.

Our client was a Danish fashion magazine and the shining white marble that reflected the Israeli sunlight was too much for their crew.


Point 15522) Point 1552

Point 1552 is a salty sand spit that once crossed between Israel and Jordan, which collapsed years ago. But for a whole week the area provided the unusual backdrop for a shoot for an Urban Outfitters catalogue.


3) Dead Sea Works

Dead Sea WorksBuilt in 1934, this site is located near Sodom and the Dead Sea. It was used to provide housing for the original miners working at the Dead Sea plant for potash and potassium, and has been empty since 1957.

I was involved with a shoot for an automobile editorial there, and it was amazing to see and hear the deserted landscape come alive with fast and furious cars racing, their engines roaring and wheels spinning.

Idan works at iLocation, a collaboration of location, unit and production managers who has strong relationships with community leaders, architects and the private sector.

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