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Striking filming locations in Spain

Orbaneja waterfallProduction manager and fixer Rafael del Vigo is based in Valencia and provides production services all over Spain, with recent clients including MTV, BBC, and Al Jazeera.

Working in the film and TV industry since 1995, he has sourced and worked in some stunning locations. Here are five of his favourite locations for those looking to get off the beaten track in Spain.

The waterfall at Orbaneja del Castillo

The waterfall separates the spectacular Hoces del Alto Ebro canyons and the amazing medieval village of Orbaneja. The village looks very old and it is surrounded by weird rock formations. Vultures hovering above the towering cliffs add to the atmosphere.

The desert of Las Bardenas Reales

The desert has been used several times in various films, the best known of which is probably Lost in La Mancha (2002), Terry Gilliam’s documentary about his failed attempt to adapt Don Quixote for the big screen. Although it is among the better known of the five locations, it is perfect if you need to find somewhere to stand in for the Middle East within hours from London.

The Hanging Houses and bridge at Cuenca´s Old Town

Orbaneja villageDuring weekdays this part of the city almost looks like an abandoned town. The original Conan the Barbarian (1982) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was shot nearby, at the impressive karst formations of Ciudad Encantada. 

The rice fields of the Albufera and the mirror effect at sunset

It will seem as if you are in a flat rice field in south east Asia, instead of eastern Spain – with fewer mosquitos and more paella...

The impossibly stunning beach of Gulpiyuri in northern Spain

The beach is extra special due to its close proximity to the majestic Picos de Europa mountain range. High, snow-capped peaks almost overlooking the Atlantic, combined with rich green pastures full of cows makes it look like Switzerland by the sea.  

Have you got more suggestions for striking Spanish locations? Let us know via our Facebook page.

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