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Jurassic Park returns to US in car ad

Buick car dinosaur adIf you have spotted dinosaurs roaming around Berkeley, California, do not be alarmed – the prehistoric creatures are the latest stars of a car commercial for the Buick Encore.

In the commercial, dinosaurs are used to represent the standard luxury vehicles on the market, as the compact Encore successfully negotiates its way through city streets which are teeming with a variety of the huge lumbering creatures.

Buick chose visual effects company Tippett Studio as they had previously worked on the 1993 seminal dinosaur pic, Jurassic Park, creating the likes of the Velociraptors and the T-Rex.

The studio’s founder, Phil Tippett said: “We have decades of experience imagining how dinosaurs moved when they roamed Earth. And it’s been exciting to watch the technology evolve. Making those Raptors slide through Jurassic Park’s kitchen required an innovative combination of stop-motion animation and computer graphics. For the Buick commercial, we could do it all on computers, allowing for more life-like muscle movement.”

Tippett Studio have a varied range of credits in the special effects field, with nearly thirty years experience in feature films including DragonHeart, Robocop, Mission to Mars, Men in Black II, Hellboy and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn parts 1 and 2.

Recently they worked on an Oscars sequence featuring Mark Wahlberg and his bear co-star from the film Ted, in which the pair presented an award. The animation was handled by Tippett’s Blair Clark, who had worked on the 2012 film as visual effects supervisor.


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