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'Remember the date' Channel 4's new ad strategy

Channel 4 new advertising strategyThat British broadcaster Channel 4 is not shy of innovation is nothing new. What is new however is the method currently used by the broadcaster in order to increase audience awareness of the airing date of its shows. Does it have a future for cinema releases and TV worldwide?

Being the first broadcaster to do so in the EU, Channel 4 partnered with Solve Media in the UK in a media agency deal that was to first of its kind. Shows such as Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror drama series or the French speaking series The Returned can now benefit from a new technique simply called a TYPE-IN solution.

When a show is announced and a trailer is released via newspaper and magazine websites for example, the audience normally has to sit through a few minutes of ads. These can now be skipped, simply by entering the premiering date of the show the broadcaster is promoting. A win win situation thus for the channel and the - increasingly impatient - online audience.  

“The advertising platform’s use of cognition to deliver brand messages works particularly effectively for broadcaster ‘tune-in’ campaigns and consumers that engaged with the TYPE-IN™ were statistically considerably more likely to remember the launch date of the new series,” Solve Media states.

Ari Jacoby, CEO and co-founder at Solve Media said: “The platform is based on one of advertising’s age-old principles: engage with audiences where they already are, gain their attention with your message and help them recall it by having them repeat it.”

The technique can help broadcasters increase the viewing figure of their premier, considered the crucial episode in a series. It can also serve as a campaign method for cinematic releases. So, will we be typing in airing dates everywhere next year? Time will tell.

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