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Guinness does it again

Guinness has a history of producing nothing short of epic campaigns. Who can forget its Surfer commercial, which, despite being ubiquitous at the time of its 1998 release, you never tired of watching, as the surfers and stallions battled the waves (scroll down for a reminder). It’s no surprise then to see that their latest ad, Basketball, is another awe-inspiring piece of advertising that has got everyone talking since its launch in September.


Created by BBDO New York and part of Guinness’ Made of More campaign, the ad has so far garnered nearly 7.5m views on YouTube. It doesn’t have the grand scale production values like Surfer, nor does it rely on CGI or thumping music, however it still packs a punch.

Now usually at this point we’d explain what happens in the advert plot-wise, but on this occasion we’re going to refrain in case you haven’t seen it yet – we don’t want to ruin the surprise for you. All that we’ll say is that it features wheelchair basketball players.

Watch it below before it disappears from your TV screens for good.


Friendship was directed by Noam Murro, who already has a string of unforgettable commercials under his belt. Born in Israel, Murro has also tapped his directing skills for the big screen. His latest project is Warner Bros’ 300: Rise of an Empire, set for release next year.

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