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Five of the most innovative Vine adverts

The rise of any new social media network is immediately followed by companies looking to commercialise it, and Vine is no exception.Initial efforts treated the six-second video sharing platform as little more than a moving image version of twitter, but corporate vines are no longer limited to a wobbly six-second shot of the office dog. Companies have started experimenting with commissioning advertising agencies and even taking their Vines to TV.

It’s a new tool, and the six-second format is still taking a lot of getting used to, but some companies are finding it easier than others. Here is our list of the most innovative, creative and quirky vine ads we’ve seen so far.

Dunkin' Donuts

Simple but effective is the way to go when you only have six seconds to work with, and in bringing the first ever Vine produced advert to TV Dunkin' Donuts nailed it. Indeed their ESPN Monday Night Football slot even cut a second off Vine’s already tight time limit.

The ad shows a stop-motion of coffee cups recreating a football pass from the game. The easy-to-film format then allowed Dunkin' Donuts to respond to the live-action on the field with a series of  follow up stop-motion replays under the hashtag #Dunkinreplays.

Virgin Mobile happy accidents

No longer content with just using social media as a free platform for their own advertising, corporations have even started using it to crowdsource creativity. Virgin Mobile created this rather lovely Vine to kick off their happy accidents campaign, based around the idea that people will be so desperate for an iPhone 5 that they will “accidentally” destroy their current phones as an excuse to buy one.

Vine users were invited to submit their own six-second take on the theme under the hashtag #HappyAccidents, with the best compiled for a TV ad aired on Comedy Central. We think the results are pretty hilarious.


Lowes fix in six

Lowes six second DIY tips are stand-out the best advertising Vine’s we’ve seen so far. Their suggestions - such as using talcum flour to prevent a squeaky floor - are genuinely useful, beautifully stop motion animated and fit comfortably within the six-second format. Created by BBDO they are a perfect example of not just getting around the challenging features of a new medium, but actually turning those features to your advantage.

While they’ve produced loads, and they’re all genuinely brilliant, our favourite has to be the one in which Lowes explains how to thwart the evil plans of a manic stop-motion squirrel.

Air BnB

The idea of collaging short video clips from thousands of users all around the world is a brilliant one, and clearly took a significant amount of work. Air BnB compiled its users submissions to create the story of the journey of a single piece of paper from a child’s drawing pad to a paper aeroplane to a fortune cookie message.

But, while the effect is quite lovely, there is a good reason for keeping Vines short; wobbly camera phone shots with no accompanying dialogue can only be interesting for so long, and at over four minutes this commercial overstretched our attention span.


There’s the trailer, the teaser trailer and now, apparently, there’s something called a ‘tweaser’ (a pre-teaser Twitter clip). Are things getting a bit ridiculous? Yes. But when Wolverine is on board we’re not going to argue,

This six-seconds of samurai swords, nuclear explosions and Hugh Jackman’s firmly clenched jaw-line features no dialogue beyond a manly “Grrr-aauughh” and gave little away plot wise. Nevertheless, it managed to quickly confirm all the elements were in place for a classic X-men film, and leave fans craving more.

Have you seen any amazing Vines you think we should know about, please let us know in the comment section below or tells us on our Facebook page.

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