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Line production or production service company?

Working in film and television in your own country is one thing but taking your knowledge across the border is another. Sometimes the difference in culture can lead to misunderstandings, even when both parties are supposedly speaking the same language…

In India and the Far East there is a term that often crops up within the film, television and commercial industry. Numerous companies will often say that they offer a full line production service to their clients. In the west this means you’re either a line producer who can’t explain in proper English what it is they do, or you work in a factory.

‘Line production’, as used in countries such as Thailand, Singapore and India, means, in a nutshell, that a company looks after all the production needs that someone may have. It can involve scouting locations and organising complex set-ups, or building sets and shooting in the midst of the tropical jungles. Companies that offer this service will make it all happen.

Even within the film, television and commercial industry what we may call a production service company, other people across the Pacific Ocean will use the term line production company for. Both mean a company that supports the instructional, research and administrative needs of the clients.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the tasks that these companies carry out:

  • Arranging local permits to obtain all the necessary clearance needed to shoot on location
  • Arranging visa permits for cast and crew
  • Analysing and breaking down the script, to work out a budget and schedule that suits the client
  • Advising on any legal implications regarding laws, contracts with crew members and insurance
  • Organising the post production
  • Hiring the best possible crew for your projects and negotiating the most economical rates, liaising with unions where required
  • Booking all the required equipment for clients and conducting discussions with suppliers
  • Coordinating all hotels and travel to your shoot
  • Clearing all shipment as well as the subsequent export out of the country
  • Arranging safe shipment of exposed stock if you need to process the film overseas

Because we are an international website we have now included the search term line production as one of our latest category names on the website – just so that you don’t have to worry about getting the right results. Just click here to see which companies offer this service worldwide.

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