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Will James Bond 24 get a dancing villain?

Now there are a few things that we are keen on here at KFTV, and one of them is the uber-British James Bond film franchise. So, when we heard whispers about a possible villain as the latest addition to the spy films we got very excited.

Although a typical Bond plot can be somewhat - how shall we put it - formulaic, there’s always an unexpected attack or mind-blowing hero-saving-the-day moment in between the amazing shoot-outs and glamorous events that our protagonist attends. And sometimes you even have the pleasure of a cameo popping up.

This time though a surprise element might have been lifted early – although we have to add that there is no official confirmation of this yet.  

All we know to be fact so far is that the as yet untitled Bond 24 will be directed by Sam Mendes from a screenplay by John Logan. Principal photography is to start later this year and the film is supposed to hit the big screen in the autumn of 2015.

Daniel Craig is once again donning the tuxedo as James Bond. No other official casting announcements have been made though Ralph Fiennes has said he will for a second time take on the role of M16 chief Mallory and is set to officially become Bond’s boss after Dame Judi Dench’s character got killed in Skyfall.

But this weekend, during an on-stage interview at London’s Theatre Royal Drury Lane, none other than Pulp Fiction star John Travolta expressed a strong interest in a role in the upcoming James Bond film.

The actor, who starred in films such as Grease and Saturday Night Fever, told interviewer Barry Norman, "I would love to be a villain in the next James Bond film," and added that he had an informal meeting with 007 producer Barbara Broccoli, in which he asked her to consider him for the role.

How she replied only time will tell, but we love the idea of a dancing sociopath as the main bad guy.

If we hear more you’ll be the first to know.

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