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Five tips for filming in Qatar

Are you a director, producer or camera operator looking to film in Qatar? Rana K. Khatib, director of Torath Production in Doha, has a few simple but important tips for you that will allow for a smoother and stress free production.

Qatar Spiral mosque film location

Protect your equipment
Qatar is hot and humid. Your equipment is probably not used to these temperatures. Always take into account that you will need time to dehumidify your equipment before shooting in an outdoor location or a non-air conditioned place. Also, when you have the option, keep your equipment in the shade; it gets very hot and you don't want to film with what otherwise will become poor quality equipment.

Don’t overbook lights
If a production team is coming from abroad, there is a tendency to overbook lights. If you are shooting during the day you can do with minimum lighting. A plus is that ‘the golden hour’ is a beautiful time to film by the sea or in the desert.

Qatar three arches film location

Look beyond Doha
Qatar is more than just Doha. There are many untouched and un-filmed locations in the north and south of Qatar that make for great locations. Qatar has endless sand dunes, mangroves, list islands and much more. There is nature that can be used in endless ways for endless looks, even if it's all desert.

Location scouting
Always scout your location thoroughly. Not only should you find the perfect location but speak to whoever is running the place to make sure there is no one using the location or planning on using the location. Also, always have a plan B, many things come up unexpected and you don't want to move your dates around last minute. But for the most part, if you explain what you are filming, ask nicely and follow the rules, that way you can get to film anywhere in Qatar really. 

Qatar desert film location

Qatar is more than meets the eye
Don't base your filming on Arab stereotypes - we aren't just desert, camels and falcons. Qatar is full of that and they are beautiful but it is a developing country with a fast array of great characters and stories to tell. See how you can make best use of these while you are filming here.

KFTV would like to thank Miss Al Khatib for sharing her tips and advice on filming in Qatar. The production company she runs, Torath Production, is involved in the creation of films, documentaries and short films and offers production services for those looking to film in the MENA region.

To find out more about filming in Qatar, its locations and incentives for filming, take a look at our production guide.