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14 top tips from our team of globetrotting talent

Readers will know that on 26 February KFTV hosted an industry panel at BVE, chaired by Josh Wilson. The insight and expertise provided by our four panellists, all highly regarded in their own fields,  made for a stimulating, lively and informative afternoon.

To recap, the panel comprised: Chris Newman, producer of Game of Thrones and first AD on feature films such as Star Wars: Episode V, VI and I; Colin Wratten, producer of The Musketeers and EastEnders; Jamie Berry, producer/director of Walking the Nile and legal expert Guy Sheppard from Wiggin LLP.

(From L to R: Josh Wilson, Chris Newman, Colin Wratten, Jamie Berry, Guy Sheppard)

Here are some nuggets from our fabulous panel - and they really do know what they’re talking about:


“If you're on a big shoot with 70-80 people then it's worth bringing along a medic whose sole responsibility it is to look after the crew on set.”

“For Channel 4's Walking The Nile, 10% of the series' budget was used on insuring Levison Wood alone. Think about insurance.”

“Find out who you can rely on before you get to a foreign country. Film commissions can help.”

“Check that construction and art department skills are available abroad if needed.”

“Tax incentives in Czech Republic [and certain other countries] make shooting there very attractive.”

“I’ve never been disappointed when using local crew.”

“Good to have a security expert whose responsibility it is to offer advice and protect the crew.”

“Don’t forget to insure your intellectual property, it’s possibly the most important consideration when insuring your project.”

“[In cold conditions] Remember you’re holding the camera up in the air at a 90 degree angle, so the blood will go down instead of up to your fingers where you want it, so wear warm gloves and make sure they give you the flexibility to operate your equipment.”

“[In very warm conditions] You cannot pack too many hats!”

“Be open and honest with anybody you encounter when filming abroad.”

“Be careful not to use colloquialisms or slang when speaking English to a foreign crew.”

“In drama, the bigger the organisation the less chance you have of going to film in high risk locations.”


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