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As your film shooting destination Mauritius offers a stable political environment in a multicultural and multilingual country with a diversity of ethnics groups (thus providing a pool of extras fluent in various foreign languages).

Hotels and catering is used to a large tourist industry and is of a great standard. The International Airport is 30 minutes away from the capital Port-Louis with a well developed and reliable road infrastructure and about one hour from the farthest location in the country. Transport facilities exist for easy access to all locations across the country.

The Mauritius Film Development Corporation (MFDC) is there to help productions looking to shoot in the island nation. 


All applications for shooting should be made to the Mauritius Film Development Corporation three weeks in advance.
The corporation requires soliciting specific permissions in order to favourably respond to location needs of film crews.

They will liaise with various offices for your shoot, namely:

  • Prime Minister's office for security and visa clearances
  • Custom's Department for Props/Equipment clearance
  • Ministry of Tourism Leisure and External Communications / Department of Civil Aviation / Airport of Mauritius Ltd for shooting at the Airport and Mauritius Ports Authority for shooting at the ports/docks and other related bodies/parties for appropriate permissions as applicable

The Mauritius Film Development Corporation is currently the only organisation responsible to monitor the above operations.
It is recommended that film crews intending to bring special vehicles/ props/etc. for their shooting activities, to obtain the relevant special permits. The corporation will advise on any such requests.

A valid passport or an internationally recognised travel document and a valid return or onward passage ticket are required in Mauritius. Travellers from Western Europe, North America, most Commonwealth countries, nature born Mauritians or residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act, children or stepchildren of Mauritians or residents of the above mentioned and holders of diplomatic passports do not need a visa. Visas are generally issued for a period of 2 weeks to one month but can be extended on request.

Application for renewal or visa extension should be done at the:
Passport and Immigration Office
Sterling House, Lislet Geoffroy Street, Port Louis.
Tel : 210 9312
Fax : 210 9322
Renewals are accepted given the applicant holds a return ticket and a valid passport.


Mauritius has endless kilometres of unspoiled beaches, protected lagoons, natural and marvellous sceneries, magnificent volcanic mountain ranges, valleys, native forests and has a rich tropical fauna and flora.

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