Our main services include location scouting, location management & line production in Austria & throughout Europe


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makingmovieshappen was founded in 2005 by Katharina Lichtenberg and is an Austrian-based service production & film-production company, operating in Austria & throughout Europe. With many years of unique experience in all formats ranging over feature, commercial, television and much more, we provide all kinds of services essential for a successful shoot. With our headquarter in Vienna, our main services include Locationscouting, Locationmanagement and Lineproduction. If you seek any other service, just contact us and we will do everything to find a satisfactory solution for you. Last minute and troubleshooting are our specialty. We offer special cultural competence and network for and in India! 90 % of our customers are dealing in a different currency than the Euro, for example USD, GBP & most prominently INR. Ask. we take care of it.

Production Year Type Role
So Young - Serenade 2019 TV Line Production Austria
Imagefilm - Rotary International 2018 Commercial Line Production
Ad Film in Snow 2018 Other Production Service
ANA - New Connection to Vienna 2018 Commercial Location Management
Imagefilm 2018 Other Line Production
Nissan Press Event 2017 Promo Line Production
Miasta Skarbow 2017 TV Line Production
Fashion Shoot/City Feature 2017 Other Line Production
What on Earth - Research 2017 TV Pre-Production
Red Bull Peaking- Mark McMorris 2017 Promo Production Service
Junga 2017 Film Production
Aktenzeichen_XY 2017 TV Line Production
Aktenzeichen XY 2017 TV Line Production
Explanatory Videos for Info Platform 2017 Other Production
Explanatory Videos for Info Platform 2017 Other Preproduction
Mahanubhavudu 2017 TV Line Production
Explanatory Videos for Info Platform 2017 Commercial Production
Nissan Press Event 2017 TV Line Production
Aktenzeichen XY - Wo ist mein Kind? 2017 TV Line Production
Akhil- The Power of Jhua 2017 Film Line Production
A Christmas Carol with Bryn Terfel 2017 Film Production Service
Lexus 2017 Commercial Producer
Mahanubhavudu 2017 Film Line Production
Honda Civic Press Event 2017 Commercial Line Production
Namaste Austria 2017 Commercial Production
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