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Name Job title Contact Direct line
Serge Beeckman Sales Representative Airstar Lighting Balloons Send a message +32 475 713 483
Louis-Philippe Capelle Business Manager Send a message +32 475 489 508
Claude Esselen Sales Representative Camera Department Send a message +32 270 216 24
Jean Marie Verbeiren Sales Representative Light Department Send a message +32 270 216 57


Eye-Lite has more than 60 years of experience in power generators, lighting and camera equipment rental.

In Belgium, we are based in 3 different locations: Brussels, Antwerp and Liège, where we have a 130m2 green/white key prelit studio.

We provide a full service on lighting and camera equipment
Still available is the full range of film cameras in Super 16mm and 35 mmm. But of course we are now mostly dedicated to Digital Cinematography.

Eye Lite Brussels is fully eligible to the new Screen Brussels Film Fund and of course to the Federal Taxe Shelter.

Cameras include ARRI ALEXA sXT, XR, Mini, Red Dragon, SONY F55 and F65, Canon 7D, all in PL mount.

Lenses: ZEISS (Masterprime, Ultraprime, Standard or High Speed), Leica (Summilux and Summicron), Cooke (S3, S4, Mini S4), Angenieux (Optimo) & Fuji (Alura ) Zooms. We supply also anamorphic lenses like Masterprimes Anam., Cooke Anam., Hawk C-serie, Kowa anam. & Angenieux Optimos Anam.

We support the latest lighting gear including ARRI-Light, K5600, Chimeras, Kinoflo and LED’s(like Smartlights).

We are the exclusive Benelux dealer for AIRSTAR products and lighting balloons.
We have a fleet of trucks, vans and generators.

Our specialized shop, the Cineshop, is the Belgium dealer of major manufacturers like Arri, Kinoflo, Rosco, LCA…

Our team is ready to welcome you and provide advices and consult for all your technical and commercial requests.

We are eligible to the 3 Regional Funding mechanisms operating in Belgium and to the Federal Tax Shelter.

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