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Research, location scouting, line production, location management & more services on filming locations in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro


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Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Bosnian Locations by MIRTA PRODUCTIONS LLC offer research, location scouting, line production and location management, and other location and production services on filming locations in Bosnia, as well as Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro for photography, TV, documentary or feature films, corporate and commercials, often in several of those countries for the same production. Sarajevo, as a high-altitude mountain town and ski resort, is surrounded by four mountains that offer a great variety of mountain landscapes. The city centre can double any Middle-European town, but at the same time, its oldest parts offer an Oriental flare: streets full of shops where artisans still hand craft their traditional goods and oriental-style cafes and restaurants. Mostar is a historic gem with its old bridge, and there are many more picturesque Oriental or Middle-European-looking smaller towns, with lovely and sometimes dramatic landscapes in between.