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British Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) provide a wide range of natural landscapes, with white sandy beaches, rainforests, wooded areas, dive sites and underwater locations, all of which provide striking backdrops for filming and photoshoots.

The (BVI) is a British overseas territory, to the east of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean. Together with the US Virgin Islands and the Spanish Virgin Islands, the BVI complete the archipelago known as the Virgin Islands.

The BVI comprises four main islands and over 50 cays and smaller islands.

The BVI Film Commission was established over 25 years ago, with the aim of facilitating and encouraging film production to use the islands.

It also provides a point of liaison between the producer or production companies and any relevant government agencies. These could include Customs, Labour and Immigration, National Parks Trust, and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

Recent Productions

Productions, companies and photographic shoots to have used the BVI for filming and location shooting include Victoria’s Secret, Gillette, Samsonite, Macy’s, BBC, National Geographic, The Washington Wizards, Cheerleaders Calendar, Essence, Harrods and Little People…Big World.


There are no filming fees in the BVI. However, if other governmental departments become involved, specific fees could then apply.


The BVI offers a range of outstanding natural locations, including the Baths on Virgin Gorda (one of the main four islands). The area is covered with giant granite boulders, up to 40 feet across, spread in a natural formation along a white sandy beach.

On Anegada, another of the four major islands, a vast collection of pink and white conch shells are found throughout the island. Nowadays, fishermen pile the shells up, but it is thought that originally sharks laid them down after eating the contents of the shells.

In the capital, Road Town, there is a collection of indigenous and exotic flora, for example in the J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens. Spread over four acres, the gardens contain representation of all the habitats to be found on the island.

Other popular filming locations include historic Mainstreet, the Coppermines and the wreck of the HMS Rhone.


The BVI provides a range of equipment and film services, including accommodation, grip and lighting equipment, electronic and communication equipment, insurance, air transport and services and rentals/charters. Available crew range from location scouts to models, photographers and underwater divers. Services on offer include the processing of any necessary labour/work permits, video and production services, location services, overnight and express shipping and catering.

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