B2Y Productions


B2Y Productions is a video service and production company, part of the Nu Boyana Film Studios family.


84 Kumata St

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B2Y Productions is a video service and production company established in 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our field of work includes making full length films, commercials, music videos and documentaries. The company is based in Sofia but operates all around Europe, Middle East, United States and Latin America. B2Y Productions is part of the Nu Boyana Film Studios family and our offices are located inside the premises. Sets, sound stages, cinema hall, wardrobe, etc. are just 3 min walk from our workspace. We have an inhouse permanent staff of line producers, directors, production managers and project coordinators who can provide clients with real time production visibility and a fully consultative approach 24/7.

Production Year Type Role
Dua Lipa 2020 Music Service Company
Latitude 2019 Commercial Service Company
McDonalds 2019 Commercial Service Company
Vodafone 2019 Commercial Service Company
Jaguar 2018 Commercial Service Company
Mercedes AMG 2018 Commercial Service Company
The Conductor 2018 Film Service Company
Loving Pablo 2017 Film Co-Producer
Lidl 2017 Commercial Service Company
Heineken 2016 Commercial Service Company