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Northern Lights. Camera. Action! Producing in the North has never been easier, and we are here to help every step of the way.


Government of the Northwest Territories
Box 1320
9th Floor Scotia Centre
X1A 2L9

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From mountain peaks to riverbeds, to urban sets and historic townsites, we have your production location needs covered. The Northwest Territories (NWT) has played host to a number of feature films, commercials, documentaries, television and still shoot productions across the territory. Producing in the North has never been easier, and we are here to help every step of the way. Our official mandate is to maximize economic opportunities for Northwest Territories residents and businesses participating in the Film and Media Arts Industry, and to promote the NWT as an ultimate production location. In order to achieve our mandate, we: - Support and develop the growth of the NWT film industry using sound business principles in areas of funding, marketing, promotion and sector development. - Promote the NWT to national and international film markets as the true northern production destination. - Serve as a liaison between industry, organizations and government to foster the development of business partnerships. - Provide appropriate information on funding and opportunities available to industry. - Assist in the development of local creative talent necessary to sustain industry growth.

Production Year Type Role
Alone Season 6 & 7 2019 Documentary Support - Film Commission
When They Awake 2017 Documentary Support - Film Commission
Wild Kitchen 2017 TV Support - Film Commission
The Last Walk 2017 Short Film Support - Film Commission
The Sun at Midnight 2016 Film Support - Film Commission
Dene A Journey 2015 TV Support - Film Commission
Ice Lake Rebels 2014 TV Support- Film Commission
Arctic Air 2011 TV Support - Film Commission
Ice Pilots 2010 TV Support - Film Commission
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