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Tax Incentives - Useful tax information for filming in Chile

Tax breaks / incentives

One of the best financial incentives for filming in Chile is the fact that crews and post-production costs are considerably lower than average international standards. Alongside this, there is the potential for low cost talent buyouts.

The government also offers tax credits in the form of cultural donations – this means that Chilean private companies can donate up to 2% of their net profits to cultural projects and recover 50% of such donations. This has the potential to assist with the funding of some filmmaking projects in Chile. Changes to the film incentive structure in Chile are, however, said to be in the pipeline - we will report on this as and when.

Finally, Chile has recently signed a number of co-production agreements with countries including Brazil, Canada and France. This helps to strengthen links between national film industries and should serve to further improve the prowess of the Chilean film industry.